An intranet allows people within an organisation to communicate, collaborate, search and share information privately via a web browser.

Our Mission

When our clients first came to us, they felt their intranet was a bit dated, hard to make changes on and generally not fulfilling the needs of the business. Or they simply don’t have an Intranet but would like to improve communications and internal business processes.

Today’s intranets are far more than just a communication tool. Today’s solutions are increasingly seen as enhanced productivity tools that include more business applications and management tools.


When planning your intranet it is important to consider both business requirements and the user experience. Once you have identified your key objectives for the intranet, you are better able to focus on what you are trying to achieve and can develop your business case.

What should you include in your intranet?

There are many functions you can include in your intranet, but here are our current top six:

  • Easy to use and the ability for non-technical users to manage
  • Good search function
  • People directory
  • Usage analytics and feedback function
  • Electronic Forms
  • Security and content control

Implementing your Intranet

In order to develop a useful intranet, it is critical to find out what users want. Intranets, more than many other IT implementations, are user driven. Although IT develops and maintains the entire technological backbone, the meat of an intranet — the content — is managed by those who use it. Users are therefore at the very heart of our approach. We engage with users via a range of tools including surveys, workshops, card sorting and task based testing to ensure the success of the intranet.

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Case studies

Whitireia Community Polytechnic is a tertiary institute of technology, known for its high student success rate and culturally diverse student body.

Toyota’s Dealer Portal supports an extensive network of Authorised Toyota Dealers throughout the country.