Companies are looking for ways to transform internally driven information into customer-centric information which provides new prospects, new market trends, new engagement and new product opportunities.

To achieve these aims, businesses are under increasing pressure to have robust data management with information easily accessed by the appropriate people that will:

  • Produce both a strategy and a plan for how market-driven data will significantly contribute to corporate objectives
  • Demand far greater insight into the revenue impact of marketing and sales
  • Provide metrics that will report the key business fundamentals of revenue forecasting and actuals in real time.

Inov8 can assist you by assessing whether or not you have a strong business need and whether there is a clear business benefit by doing an assessment before the project even begins.

If a case is found for developing a business information solution, Inov8 provides the full range of software engineering services, from analysing and profiling your existing data, gathering, transforming and combining it from multiple disparate sources, right through to producing visualisation tools such as dashboards and reports. 


Easy to read, single page, real-time user interface, showing a graphical presentation of the current status! 

The term dashboard originates from an automobile dashboard where a driver can monitor major functions at a glance via the instrument cluster. Information dashboards show business metrics, letting the viewer see the health and state of their organisation, and are typically configured to show summaries, key trends, comparisons, and exceptions.